Frinton Frames - Bespoke Picture Frame Makers: Swept Frames, Ornate Frames, Gold Leaf Frames

Frinton Frames manufacture bespoke frames for professionals. Hand-crafted, modern and traditional.

  2 widths available    3", 4  ¼"

2 widths available

3", 4 ¼"

I have used Frinton Frames on every painting I have completed for over twenty five years. The quality and workmanship are second to none, as are the help and friendliness of each of the team. I have had no hesitation in recommending them on many occasions, over all these years.
— Peter Symonds - Artist

A.  BLACK RED.  DIST.  AW.  4 ¼" (ST)

B.  CR111.  3"


C.  CR105.  4 ¼"


D.  CR223.  4 ¼"

*Profiles not to scale

 3" 7cm (w) x 2.1cm (h)

3" 7cm (w) x 2.1cm (h)

 4  ¼" 11cm (w) x 2.9cm (h)

4 ¼"11cm (w) x 2.9cm (h)