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Frinton Frames manufacture bespoke frames for professionals. Hand-crafted, modern and traditional.

Gold & Silver Leaf
I’ve used Frinton Frames for ten years. They always provide frames to a high standard, that compliment the modern art we sell.
— Vincent Kosman - Louise Kosman Fine Art Gallery

All our profiles are available in 12ct, 16ct and 23.75ct gold and silver leaf.

You can choose from full coverage or combine bands with subtle washed colours.

Our highly competitive pricing means you can afford these exquisite finishes to complement your artwork.

2 ¼".  Chelsea City.  GL016         

2 ½".  Reeded.  GL02

2 ¾".  Chelsea City.  GL012

A.  2 ¾".  Chelsea City.  GL016

A.  1 ⅞".  Florentine.  GL086

E.  3".  Florentine.  GL090

D.  2 ½".  Reeded.  GL094

C.  3 ¾".  Chelsea.  GL016

B.  DMS.  GL074

F.  DMS.  GL083

D.  3 ¾".  Chelsea.  GL082

C.  3 ½".  Chelsea City.  GL085

D.  Flat top.  GL072

B.  2 ¼".  Chelsea City.  GL06

B.  1 ⅞".  Florentine.  GL087

A.  1 ⅞".  Reeded.  GL091

E.  3".  Reeded.  GL095

D.  3 ¾".  Chelsea.  GL049

C.  DMS.  GL075

A.  2 ¾".  Chelsea.  GL079

E.  3 ¾".  Chelsea.  GL083

A.  Flat top.  GL055

C.  3".  Florentine.  GL09

C.  3".  Florentine.  GL088

B.  1 ⅞".  Reeded.  GL092

A.  3".  DMS.  GL073

E.  2 ¾".  Chelsea.  GL024

D.  DMS.  GL076

B.  2 ¾".  Chelsea.  GL080

A.  2 ¼".  Chelsea City.  GL010

B.  Flat top.  GL054

D.  3".  Florentine.  GL017

D.  3".  Florentine.  SL089

C.  2 ½".  Reeded.  GL093

B.  3".  Reeded.  GL018

A.  DMS.  GL073

E.  DMS.  GL077

C.  2 ¾".  Chelsea.  GL081

B.  2 ¾".  Chelsea City.  GL084

C.  Flat top.  GL051