Don’t Throw Your Old Frames Away

Many of us have old picture frames laying around, Whether its small portrait frames where we displayed photographs, larger frames from wall art no longer hung or random sized frames that have broken and ended up in a drawer or cupboard.

Now is your chance to use them in a modern and chic way.  If you are creative and fancy some upcycle projects, here is our list of the top 5 creative uses for old picture frames.

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Message Board

Most families benefit from a message board in the home, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and tend to forget things or need to leave notes for other family members.

Transforming an old picture frame into a message board is a great fun project and a great use of an old frame.

All you need is an old frame, chicken wire, staple gun, spall pegs or clips and some paint.

Remove all of the frame backing and glass so you are just left with an empty outer frame shell ensure you save the hanging wire or mechanism for later, attach the chicken wire to the back of the frame using a staple gun, ensuring it is pulled tight.  Reattach the hanging wire or mechanism. Paint or decorate the outside of the frame, and then stand or hang it in your home.  Use the small pegs to attach your notes.

Jewellery Display

If you have lots of earrings that are of the dangly variety, you may find that they get knotted up or broken storing them away in a jewellery box.

Using an old picture frame as an earring display for your dressing table is a great idea.

You will need an old frame, some hook and eyes, thick wire and paint.

Completely remove all backing and glass from the frame so you are left with only the outer frame shell.  Depending on the size measure out down the frame 2, 3 or 4 hanging lines and secure an eye either side to thread the wire. Thread the wire across either eye and secure ensuring it is tight with no slack.  Decorate the frame and display your jewellery.

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Key Hook

Key hooks are a useful part of any home.  Many people lose door or car keys around the home, so having a hook to hang them is a great way to ensure you never have to hunt for lost keys again.

Using an old picture frame is a great way to create your own unique hook for your home.

You need and old frame, small screw in hooks and some paint.

Remove everything from the frame including the glass so you are left with only the outer shell of the frame.  Set aside and save the hanging thread or mechanism to use later.  Turn the frame horizontally and measure out spaces along the top to place the hanging hooks.  Screw these in carefully. Reattach the hanging wire or mechanism and paint and decorate as desired.  Hang on the wall and enjoy.

Block Shelving

There are so many different types of shelving you can now have in your home.

Block shelving is modern and a great way to create shelving displays. Using old picture frames is a unique way to create shelving designs, whether you are using pre made block shelving or making the shelves yourself using old plywood.

All you need is old frames, box shelves, glue and paint.

Remove all backing and glass from the frames. Measure the old frame inside the display area section where the glass usually is.  Pair up the frames that have the same diameter in the display section as the box shelf.  Secure the frame on the outside of the box shelf using strong glue. The frame if done correctly should decorate the outer area of the box shelf still allowing access to the shelf itself (see image).  Paint and decorate and hang where desired.

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Chalk Board

Many homes have chalk boards, these may be used in the kitchen to write messages and shopping list, or as a child’s play toy.

Old picture frames are a fun unique way to create chalk boards of all different shapes and sizes.

All you need is old picture frames, chalk board, glue and paint.

Remove the backing and glass from the frames, put aside any hanging mechanisms for later.  Measure the frame area, mark out the chalk board and cut to size. Secure the chalkboard using glue or any other securing device to the back of the frame. You can attach some plywood to the back of the frame if needed to completely enclose the chalkboard. Reattach the hanging mechanism if needed.   Paint and decorate the outside of the frame, and hang or use where necessary.