What is a Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a way to immerse yourself into the beauty of the gallery from anywhere in the world.  You can enjoy panoramic views of the gallery and all its beautiful artwork on display without ever leaving your home.

In times like the current situation, even if you can not leave your home there are still ways to enjoy visiting a gallery.  There are 2 ways to enjoy the tour, either by a VR headset or on a computer where there are 3d images.

Image credit: https://artuk.org/visit/venues/the-national-gallery-london-2030
Image credit: http://hometown-tourist.com/venue/national-gallery/

The National Gallery Sainsbury Wing VR Tour

The Sainsbury Wing was opened in July 1991 and offers millions of people visiting a space to enjoy the National Galleries outstanding collection of renaissance paintings.

There are over 270 painting on display in the Sainsbury Wing with some stunning pieces from all over the world including Germany, The Netherlands and Northern Italy.  The pieces that are on display are truly stunning and are enclosed in many period frames that are as beautiful as the artwork they encase.  Each frame is picked to showcase the period of artwork perfectly and really show off the artwork in a unique and beautiful way.

Some of the artwork that is on display are the following:

  • Tobias and the Angel
  • Venus and Mars
  • The Baptism of Christ
  • The Virgin and Child

there are also the following artists work on display:

  • Titian
  • Holbein
  • Veronese

If you would like to take the tour and see some of the beautiful artwork and frames on display in the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery then follow the following link.  https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/visiting/virtual-tours/sainsbury-wing-vr-tour