Artwork at the Prime Ministers residence

10 Downing Street is one of the most famous addresses in the world with the most famous iconic front door.  It has been home to some influential people in history.  But did you know that inside the residence it is not only home to the Prime Minister but also to many beautiful pieces of artwork and frames in the world.

The art work on display is all funded by the GAC (Government Art Collection).  In the 1890’s the HM Treasury gave the GAC funds to purchase artwork to be displayed in government buildings all around the world, to promote the British culture, history and art.   They now display artwork in over 400 British government buildings and they truly are stunning pieces of art.

Its taken over 100 years of curation to fill Downing Street with its many beautiful pieces of art, and although it is one of the things that vert rarely gets spoken about it really is like a gallery, some people have compared it to a mixture of the Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery all merged into one amazing showcase.   Every piece is housed in truly beautiful frames that enhance the beauty of the collection.

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The Collection

There are 7 main rooms in Downing Street that display art collections these are

  • The White Room
  • The Staircase
  • The Hallway
  • The Cabinet Room
  • The Small and State Dining Room
  • The Thatcher Room
  • The Anteroom

The famous staircase of downing street is adorned with portraits of all of the past prime ministers of Britain, they fill the walls and are displayed in their own uniqe frames, making it one of the most famous staircases.

Among there other rooms there is an extensive collection that varies in styles, some of the artists that are displayed through out Downing street are, Julian Trevelyan, Lucian Freud’s assistant and model David Dawson, the Post-Impressionist Henry Lamb, the Surrealist Paul Nash, the Pop artist Peter Blake, performance artist Bedwyr Williams, and animal sculptor Nicola Hicks.

Its very rare to get a glimpse into the art world created and displayed in Downing Street, but if you look at the images that have been taken you really can see the beauty of the artwork displayed here, and the lavish and beautifully exquisite frames that encapsulate the art.

The Staircase

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The Entrance Hall

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The White Room

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The Cabinet Room

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State Dining Room

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Thatcher Room

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