Picture Frames As Art Themselves

Picture frames house many beautiful pieces of art and images, but did you know that they can also be a work of art in their own right.

Some of the best galleries in the world have dedicated special exhibitions focussing solely on the frames to highlight their beauty and craftsmanship.  The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and Londons National Gallery are two that have created such an exhibition.

Some exquisite antique frames have sold at specialist auction houses in the thousands.

Below are 2 of the most expensive frames that are still on display today, both very different but very beautiful.

Image credit: http://harvardart.com/portfolio/period-frames-history-materials-conservation/
Image credit:https://www.wcbi.com/is-salvator-mundi-a-real-leonardo-da-vinci-painting/

Salvator Mundi – Leonardo Da Vinci

in 2017 an original Leonardo Da Vinci work Salvator Mundi was rediscovered, this is one of only 20 known works of Art by Leonardo Da Vinci and it was finally available for sale.

The painting sold for $450 million through the auction house Christies, and whilst a beautiful piece of art, the frame that encased the painting was equally as beautiful.

The Frame was a 16th century Italian frame finished in black with a gold stencil design and detail. , although very simple in design it really was a beautiful frame that encased the painting.  This specific frame was a one of a kind and made specifically to go with this painting.  The frame alone was worth $50,000, some painting are worth the same value as this one frame.

Hyundai’s Digital Picture Frame

Designed and made by South Korean manufacturer Hyundai, the digital picture frame is one of the most expensive and largest on the market.

It’s made of 4 very large panelled sections of digital picture frame, and it is so large that the frame itself can be used as a room divider.   An incredible focal point and stunning piece of frame for any display.

Whilst details of this frame are scarce and the art world is unsure of where this is currently being displayed, it is the most expensive digital frame and largest digital frame to date costing a whopping $70,000.

Image credit: https://foursided.com/blogs/foursided/18194105-the-most-expensive-frame-is