The Art World Within Scotland

Whilst many people think of Scotland as highlands and countryside, there are many cities bursting with culture and art.  It is become very known within the art world for some of its beautiful must see galleries displaying some wonderful artwork, encased in some very modern and traditional frames.

Below is a lit of the top 6 must see galleries in Scotland as recommended by

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Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art

If you love modern or contemporary art then the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art is a must see for anyone.

Located in Edinburgh along the Belford Road, the gallery comprises of two buildings, one building on each side of the road.  The buildings are named Modern One and Modern Two, both these buildings are set in a beautiful sculpture park designed by Charles Jencks.  Along with the galleries the sculpture park hosts many events and performances throughout the year.

You will find many collections on display in the galleries, many of them are collections of Scottish art, as well as photography, they are all displayed in frames in keeping with the time and period of the artwork.

The McManus

Located in Dundee, The McManus is set in a beautiful gothic victorian building using history and environment to offer an insight into the fascinating history of Dundee.

Home to a collection spanning over 400 million years The McManus has been the heart of  art and culture in Dundee since 1867.   There are 8 open space galleries throughout the building, a few of the permanent collections you will see here are The history of The McManus, Landscapes and Lives, Victorians and Architecture.

There are some truly stunning and incredibly old artwork on display and some of the frames that are used to display the artwork are truly stunning.

Throughout the year, as well as the permanent collections there are other fun events, workshops and exhibitions that take place so The McManus is a real must see gallery.

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Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Housed in one of Edinburghs most iconic buildings is where you will find the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Through a vast array of paintings, photography, film and sculpture you will come face to face with the many people who helped shape Scotland, people from the past, the present and even the future, these include, Mary Queen Of Scots, Alan Cumming, Karen Gilland and of course Bonnie Prince Charlie.

In the 19th century stunning building you can visit and walk through some stunning galleries and rooms ranging from large grand lit galleries to more intimate small rooms as well as a Victorian Library.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is located in Glasgow and is one of Scotlands most popular free attractions.

The building itself is a work of art and an attraction in its own right, once inside after admiring the beautiful external architecture you will find 22 themed galleries housing over 8000 objects and pieces of art.

The collections that are kept at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum are very extensive and are wide ranging in culture, style and location some are internationally significant to the art world, and some of the frames that house these art works are equally as beautiful.   Included in these collections you will find natural history, armours and many art works from different  periods of history and art movements.

The most famous paintings that you can expect to see here at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum are the following:

  • Christ of St John of the Cross
  • Salvador Dali
  • Sir Roger the Asian Elephant

aside from these magnificent pieces of art you will also see a Spitfire Plane hanging from the ceiling of one of the galleries.

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Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

Located in Inverness and housed in a modern building the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery allows you to explore and learn all about stories, people, environment and traditions of the Highlands.  This museum really is a treasure trove of artefacts and artwork.

The museum originally opened in 1826 and since then has undergone a number of changes and transformations, one of the biggest was in 2007 when the whole building was refurbished and lots more displays and facilities added.

Set over two floors, in the museum you will find a range of history, starting on the ground floor where you can see a range of natural history and geology and heritage of the highlands. On the second floor you will be able to see more modern artefacts and recent history including authentic highland weapons and bagpipes along with Inverness Silver  and Jacobite memorabilia.

Alongside the museum is the art gallery which houses and exciting array of local fine art and exhibitions always with a variety of changing artists so you will always see something different.