Why are Frames Important

If you are an established art collector or are new to art and just starting your collection, frames play a crucial role in collecting art.

Art work ranges from very small local artworks by new and up coming artists to some very exquisite pieces by very well known and famous artists these artworks range from cost effective to some very expensive pieces, and how you display and preserve every piece of art is important.

Framing plays a very crucial role in this, and knowing exactly how to display your artwork is vital for any collector.

When choosing your frames to display your collection there are 4 main points that need to be considered:

  • How the frame will support and protect the art work
  • The frame will make the artwork easy to hang or display
  • How the frame will separate or connect the art to its surroundings
  • The frame enhances the artwork and presentation allowing for people viewing the artwork to not get distracted from the piece.
Image credit: https://www.franschhoektatler.co.za
Image credit: https://bluethumb.com.au

Changing Frames

As a collector, you may keep the original frame that you obtain the artwork in, especially if it is the original frame that the piece was originally housed in, however most collectors and galleries are aware that the artwork is very rarely in its original frame if the piece is very old and when they obtain the artwork they opt to change the frame, these may be for the following reasons.

  • A change in ownership – New owners of artwork decide to put their own stamp on the piece, this is done usually by changing the frame in keeping with their home, style of the art or the gallery or museum it is being displayed in.
  • A change in design and fashion – Over the years styles of frames have changed and how you choose to display your frame may depend on these changes, you need to decide if you want to stick to more traditional gilded frames, gold leaf design, contemporary or modern.
  • A change in technology – Instead of replacing the frame, with modern technology and many skilled trade-man it is now possible to conserve old original frames or even repair damaged ones.
  • A preference to new modern frames over old  – When you obtain your artwork you will see by the piece and its surroundings if you wish to display the piece in a newer modern frame or keep to an old more traditional frame.

Choosing The Right Frame

A frame is really important to how the art is displayed and sometimes when framing artwork less is more, a very elegant and simple frame can lift the piece rather than give it an over glitzy feel.

Paying a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get the biggest and most expensive fancy frame to display it in, and vice versa if you have a more cost effective piece of art it may look enhanced in a more expensive frame.

Choosing the correct frame can be easy or hard depending on what the painting is, where it will displayed and obviously your budget, but the main factor is to ensure that frame keeps the artwork safe and preserved for many years.

Frinton Frames are always on hand to help and advise on any form of framing to new collectors and established galleries and have many years experience in the framing industry.  As well as being able to make and supply frames our team of experts are also on hand to help guide and advise.

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