Hidden Galleries

Everyone loves a trip to Disney, but what many people don’t know is not only is it the most magical place on earth, but it also has a plethora of art on display too.

There are two main galleries that are hidden away in this magical world, one in Disneyland, California and the other in Disney World, Florida.

These galleries showcase a vast range of art, each piece is housed in a range of cultural, modern and antique frames that really compliment the amazing arts of Disney.

Image credit: www.williamdrewphotography.com
Image credit: Disney.go.com

The Disney Gallery, California

Located on Main Street USA The Disney Gallery is a beautiful classic building that houses the collections and exhibits.

Many people mistake this as a shop when first walking past but once you enter you are surrounded by beautiful artwork, framework and models inspired by the magical world of Disney.

The seasonal artwork and exhibits on display here showcase many arts from Disney parks around the world as well as exploring Disney inspired artwork from contemporary artists who have used the magical world of Disney as inspiration.

The frameworks on display are magical in themselves and are all in keeping in the design of the piece it houses.

Gallery Of Arts And History

Located in Disney World Florida inside one of the main parks Epcot you will find the Gallery Of Arts and History.

As you follow the park through the world showcase you will see many cultural buildings and art, but when you arrive at Morocco this is where you will find this very interesting gallery hidden away.

The building that the gallery is housed in is just as beautiful as the art it has inside its walls.  From its ironwork light fittings to its ceramic floor tiles, the building is embellished with bold geometric shapes and delicate cut out patterns.

Inside you will find some very beautiful and traditional artwork on display including traditional Moroccan clothing and jewellery, rugs and tapestry, pottery and traditional artwork and paintings all housed in beautiful golden frames.

Image credit: Allears.net