There are many famous artworks and museums featured in many of the films and TV shows we know and love, although you may not notice them at first glance whilst watching.

Many directors put so much detail into their sets ensuring that the story is told not just with the dialogue.  These details are not always noticeable straight away and you may need to watch it several times and I’m sure at some point everyone has watched a movie for the second or third time and uttered the words “I don’t remember seeing that”.

Many set designers use movies to showcase some great works of art or buildings and things that sometimes have a more personal meaning to the director, and this is where we come in with our custom picture frames.

Frinton Frames have had the pleasure to make frames that have featured in many famous Hollywood movies, and our most recent creation was for the Disney real life movie Dumbo.   But we actually feature in many more.

Below is a list of just a few of the other films we have had the honour of creating frames for.  Next time you are watching one of the below movies take a closer look and see if you can notice some of our stunning bespoke frames on display.

The Davinci Code

Transformers The Last Knight

Mr Turner

Jurassic Park

Doctor Strange

The Bourne Series