The Royal Collection trust is exactly as it sounds, the art collection belonging to the British Royal Family.

The collection is spread across 13 occupied and historic royal residences in the UK and is the largest private art collection in the world.

This collection has many truly spectacular pieces in it and home to some beautifully crafted frames.  Here at Frinton Frames we have the ability to recreate and replicate some of the beautifully crafted frames that you may see on display, and we fully recommend seeing this truly breathtaking collection if you get the opportunity.

Who Does The Collection Belong To?

The collection as stated in its name, is overseen by the Royal Collection Trust but owned by Elizabeth II.  Some of the pieces in the collection are owned by right of the crown and have been passed to her through thrown, but some pieces are privately owned by Elizabeth II and personally sought and purchased.

Some of the artwork and pieces in the collection are loaned  by museums and galleries around the world to allow many people to share this truly amazing collection, and some are lent on a temporary basis to exhibitions.  The craftsmanship in the framework that house many of the works of art are a true delight to see.

Where Is The Collection Displayed?

The collection is currently spread over 13 royal residences in the UK and one collection in Scotland, Below are a few of the locations you can visit:

  • Hampton Court Palace
  • The Tower Of London
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Windsor Castle
  • Kensington Palace
  • Holyroodhouse
  • Clarence House
  • Frogmore House

Most of these collections are open daily to the general public.

What Can Be Seen?

There are currently to date over one million pieces of art in the Royal Collection trust, split up over various different places.  This includes over 7000 paintings each housed and displayed in what Frinton Frames believe to be some of the most impressive frames of all time.

Also amongst the collection there is 30,000 watercolours and drawings, 500,000 prints, 227 jewels as well various tapestries, ceramics, furniture, weapons, armour, clocks, manuscripts, books, sculptures, carriages and many many more wonderful works of art.

Here is what we at Frinton Frames believe to be one of the most stunning frames on display at the Queens Gallery in Buckingham Palace

Some more of the wonderful artwork displayed in yet more beautiful frames at the Kings Gallery in Kensington Palace

Images supplied from the royal collection page on wikipedia